ProLine Sports Nutrition Presents: OPTYGEN HP

Optygen HP


I have been taking this stuff for almost a year now. I race XC MTB and use this to help increase my VO2Max. After using it for a while you do notice an improvement on performance. The key of course with taking any supplement is continually exercising while taking your exercise routine up a "notch". I have also taken the regular Optygen - which is cheaper than the HP version and noticed only a slight difference. So if you want to try Optygen out at a lower price point i would suggest using that first. Overall a great supplement to take for any type of endurance activity. Not to be used all year long - i have been told by the manufacter that it should only be taken on active months. On the off season they recommmend not using it otherwise your body starts getting used to it. Takes a couple of weeks to start noticing results - so be patient when you first start.

-Adriano F.

The only product I have tried that does something. All 1st Endurance products are great. Also like Utragen and EFS


I'm not sure if my increased endurance and stamina was the result of my training or if this supplement really does work, but I did notice an increase in my performance. I was able to run a 1 hour 16 minute PR at the RnR Philadelphia Half-Marathon and a 2 hour 45 minute PR at the ING New York City Marathon. I think it really does work, but it's not a magic pill that will work by itself. You have to put in the training first for this supplement to work at all.


I'm 6'2" 195lbs and I couldn't climb to save my life. within 30 days, I'm holding my own on 2K ft climbs like never before. I can control my HR better which keeps me from burning my fuel out too quickly. It takes about 6 weeks to take effect. Just dose as required without missing days. Keep your training at least 4 days a week. Try to split your first two weeks to 2@a.m/2@p.m. for the first two weeks. then go to 4@a.m. this seems to keep the itching away. After 30 days, my Garmin has shown my avg HR has dropped considerably. If you are going to buy 1 bottle, buy 2. You won't get the full effect until 60ish days. If you don't feel any changes, then you might consider stopping. Just give it a chance and if you miss doses, it will take a few days to get your levels back up.

-J. Dunning

I am not a supplement type person. I was given a bottle of Optygen from a friend. I took this for weeks and noticed the change. I am a endurance runners and I can say it speeds up recovery time, and helps with performance. I am not saying that you can sit on the couch and do nothing and take this and go and run a marathon. I am saying that it will help you with your training.