2019 First Endurance Multi-V

2019 First Endurance Multi-V

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MultiV is designed to meet the unique requirements of endurance athletes. Features include clinically effective doses of iron, vitamin K2, vitamin D, and unparalleled antioxidant protection.

✓ Maximizes Recovery
✓ Improves Circulation and Muscle Function
✓ Increases Oxygen Carrying Capacity


Endurance MultiV is the only multivitamin that contains a patented enzyme blend that’s been clinically proven to improve carbohydrate utilization and increase time to exhaustion by 43%. You won’t find this in any other endurance products.

Clinical studies on elite cyclists demonstrated how these enzymes break down multi-chain carbohydrates into simple glucose. What’s really unique about these enzymes is that even with this fast breakdown of carbohydrates, insulin sensitivity is blunted. With no insulin spike, your blood sugar remains elevated for many hours so it can fuel working muscles and improve performance.