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OptygenHP generates new peaks in power and endurance capacity – especially for highly trained, elite athletes who are already at peak performance. It also boosts VO2 max, glycogen restoration, and buffers lactate while reducing the effects of exercise-induced damage to shorten recovery times. Get the most out of yourself when you’re pushing yourself the hardest.

✓ Maximizes oxygen utilization & VO2 max
✓ Optimizes carb metabolization & ATP production
✓ Reduces & buffers lactic acid
✓ Adapts the body to extreme training loads

OptygenHP’s clinically effective dose of beta-alanine enables harder training, delays fatigue, and shortens recovery periods with antioxidant effects. It also helps your body manage lactic acid, contributing to the process that buffers lactic acid into less acidic salts. Instead of entering the bloodstream as waste, the buffered lactate can be repurposed as energy by the cells that generate it. From toxic waste to fuel – a process made all the more valuable when the body is generating elevated amounts of lactic acid.

OptygenHP contains a patented ingredient, Senactiv®,  that has been scientifically validated in human studies to extend high-intensity exercise performance by up to 20% while also tripling muscle glycogen accumulation rate during the three hours following high-intensity exercise. You’ll have more reserves for the finale and less downtime between intervals – or while responding to attacks. Find another effort in yourself, sooner, and race like the next gap will be the one that sticks

Clinical studies show that the Senactiv® in OptygenHP also decreases exercise-induced muscle damage and reduces post-exercise inflammation by supporting autophagy, the process of your body clearing damaged cells and proteins in order to help recovery and drive training adaptations. More efficient recovery; faster return to form between workouts and races.

OptygenHP’s expanded suite of adaptogens adds Ashwagandha to Cordyceps and Rhodiola (first used by Tibetan Sherpas to adapt to the extreme physical stress and low oxygen environments on the upper reaches of Everest). The latest clinical research on elite endurance athletes supports the Sherpas’ use of adaptogens to improve performance, with studies showing increases to VO2Max, lung function, and oxygen utilization. Adaptogens also boost anaerobic threshold and time to exhaustion, and they even mobilize free fatty acids to metabolize as fuel.

Adaptogens aren’t stimulants, meaning you may not “feel” something shortly after taking them. Instead, they acclimate your body to the mental and physical stress inherent in intense training blocks, which can negatively impact performance. The effects will be noticeable in 7-10 days, but the ultimate benefits will gradually accumulate over a period of months during long-term consistent intake. Adaptogens aren’t a shortcut; they’re a tool to help you get more out of your training, faster.

Endurance training pumps additional cortisol, the primary stress hormone, into your system, which negatively impacts motivation, sleep, and the immune system. Chronically elevated cortisol also inflicts a penalty on performance, workload, and recovery by suppressing testosterone levels and dropping the panicked body into a catabolic state, which involves metabolizing muscle while storing fat. When we say “overtraining,” this is what we mean.

A clinical study showed OptygenHP reduced post-exercise levels of cortisol by 26%. By modulating cortisol, athletes experience better recovery, an increase in VO2, improved oxygen utilization and enhanced performance. When every session is critical, OptygenHP ensures you’re getting maximum returns without the risk of overtraining.

OptygenHP’s adaptogen blend weaponizes the lactic acid that accumulates in muscles as exercise output outpaces oxygen intake and energy metabolism goes anaerobic. In a clinical study, adaptogens in the OptygenHP formula increased time to the lactate threshold by 42%, even in highly trained distance runners.

In real world terms, that’s about five additional seconds before threshold: 13.9 seconds versus 18.1. That can make all the difference during repeated attacks or when the elastic is stretching and every moment could see it snap. OptygenHP turns the lactate threshold into an opportunity for you – and an even bigger weakness for your competition.

OptygenHP’s proprietary ATPro™ matrix of five key nutrients plays a critical role in the processes leading to efficient production of ATP, which is the energy source that powers everything we do. Every stride, every pedal stroke, every meter gained through the water – ATP is critical for endurance athletics. Clinical research shows that endurance athletes diminish their ATP stores in exhaustive exercise, so it’s equally critical that the nutrients feeding the ATP cycle – the process of converting glucose to ATP energy – are readily available.

Regulating insulin, metabolizing glucose, mobilizing fatty acids for fuel – OptygenHP’s biologically active chromium touches on virtually every aspect of getting grist to the mill of cellular energy production. It meters the delivery of calories to sustain a steady energy supply, and your body doesn’t have to pull as much fuel from your muscles – both during exercise and daily life – so you’re also building a leaner, more competition-tuned body composition, all year long.

Despite its impact on body composition, chromium isn’t a gimmicky weight loss wonder drug. It’s an essential trace mineral, and it’s supported by research that shows it helps your body more efficiently process foods to fuels – especially when combined with MultiV, which also contains chromium.